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A Custom Candle Experience

Our custom candle experience is a unique, one of a kind process. Guests will explore our collection of over 100 premium fragrances and experiment to blend their own custom unique fragrance product. The entire process is a full hands on experience from mixing your fragrance oils just the way you like them, blending your oil into your wax, and pouring your creation into your jar you choose! Oh yeah, you get to choose your candle jar too! We have a variety of sizes and colors so this process is truly customized to you from start to finish. Our Scent Stylist will help you along the way to ensure the process goes smoothly. We also have a variety of other fragrance products you can custom scent such as wax tarts, hand soap, lotion, reed diffusers, sugar scrub, and spa salts. So come spend your next date night, girls night, family day, or just any afternoon of fun with us. We love to host parties and groups. Click here for more information regarding large groups and parties!

Customize Your Scent

First, guests will start off by exploring and smelling our collection of over 100 premium fragrances. Don't worry about trying to figure out what scents will blend, just write down your favorites and our Scent Stylist will help you figure out what will blend best. With a variety of clean, sweet, floral, masculine, and so much more, we are sure you will find the perfect scents for your unique blend.

After you have written down all your favorite scents, you will choose the fragrance product you want to customize. Our most popular option is our natural soy wax candles. We offer a variety of unique candle jars for you to choose from starting at $22. If candles aren't your thing, we also have wax tarts, aromatic spray, reed diffusers, hand soap, lotion, sugar scrub, fragrance oil, and spa salts. Prices for these products start at $12. So grab your product of choice and bring it with you to our fragrance bar. This is where our Scent Stylist will help you begin the blending process.

Next, our Scent Stylist will go over your fragrance selections and help you narrow your fragrances down to 3 scents. You will have the option to smell some of your fragrances together to make sure your final three are the ones you want to blend for your product.

Now you get to put your artistic skills to work and design a label that will go on the bottom of your candle jar. Don't worry if you aren't artistic, this is just for fun. Your candle will still smell great!

Finally, it's time to blend your fragrances! Guests will mix their fragrances as they smell along the way to ensure they have their blend just the way they want it. This process is where your unique blend comes together. After you have your fragrance oils blended just the way you want, we will bring you hot wax that you get to pour your unique blend in. Next, you will stir your fragrance oil and wax together for a couple minutes.

Our Scent Stylist will then bring your candle jar you chose to you so you can pour your completed blend into your jar. Candles need to sit for 90-120 minutes before they are ready to be taken home. This is a great time to go grab lunch or dinner. We are conveniently located near many restaurants and shopping. If you can't make it back the same day, we will hold your candle until it's convenient for you to come back. If you would like to pick-up your candle the same day, we recommend booking 2.5 hours before closing.

We highly recommend reservations. You can schedule reservations online. If you have any questions or concernsplease contact us directly at 931-802-2821 or at